Draft Letter Howitt to R F Beardsmore 5 August 1907

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5 Aug 1907
Draft Letter

R F Beardsmore
Secrty Bd of Prote. of Abrgs
111 Phllip St, Syd.

Dear Sir
I shall feel much obliged if you can
give me the following information which I desire to
obtain for a work which I have in hand.
(1) How many aboriginal stations are there now,
and where are they situated?
(2) How many aborigines are there at each
- stating the numbers respectively of men, women + children?
(3)How many of the Kamilaroi and of the
Wiradjuri tribes people are now living and
are they all living on the Stations, or are
some still living elsewhere?
(4) Does the Aborigine Board consider it
advisable to [keep the - crossed out] collect together in
[one - crossed out] the same stations the survivors of a particular tribe
for instance the Wiradjuri or are the
surviving aborigines collected [without - crossed out] by
in the Stations without reference to
their being of different [tribe - crossed out] + [??] + tribes?
I remain +c

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Document Details

Date 5-Aug-07
Letter From Howitt, Mr Alfred William
Letter To Beardsmore, R H
Country Australia
Colony/State Victoria
Holding Institution Museums Victoria
Collection Name Alfred W. Howitt Collection
Registration Number XM 22
Medium Letter
Locality Metung
Summary Four questions seeking information from the Secretary, Board for the Protection of Aborigines regarding Aboriginal stations in New South Wales and the numbers of people living on them.
Physical Description Draft, handwritten. One sheet, only one side used. Dated though not signed, Good condition