R F Beardsmore to Howitt 23 August 1907

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Office of Board for Protection of Aborigines
111, Phillip-street
Sydney 23rd August 1907

I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of
your letter dated the 26th inst. further, respecting
the Aborigines in the Bourke

and to inform you that the matter is being inquired into,
and you will be further communicated with. The
reprint of your address did not
come to hand, and I should very much
like to have a copy

I have the honour to be
Your obedient Servant
R. H Beardsmore
Secretary, A. P. Board.

26 8 08
1. I send new copy of Address
2. Shall I send further
questions to him
for manager of Brewarrina
or write direct
He will see that new issues
arose as work progressed
or when I send the reply
to my queries
A. W. Howitt, Esq.,
Metung, Vic

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Document Details

Date 23-Aug-07
Letter From Beardsmore, R H
Letter To Howitt, Mr Alfred William
Country Australia
Colony/State New South Wales
Holding Institution Museums Victoria
Collection Name Alfred W. Howitt Collection
Registration Number XM 24
Medium Letter
Locality Sydney
Summary Acknowledgement by the Office of Board of Protection of Aborigines of A.W. Howitt's letter and that further communication will follow. Annotations by R.H Beardsmore bottom left are dated 26.08.1908.
Physical Description Printed proforma. One sheet, one page. Typed headings and sentences with handwritten entries in spaces provided. Handwritten annotations by A.W. Howitt in the lower left hand margin. Good condition.