Letter to Stahle 3 February 1881

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Sale Victoria
February 3 1887

Dear Sir

Will you have the great kindness
to give me replies to the three following
questions as to the blacks whom you
(1) Is a man forbidden or not to
speak to his wife's mother, or to
have any communication with her.
(2) Is there any such prohibition
of intercourse between a man
and his wife's father?
(3) Where there is any such prohibition
what is the penalty or supposed
consequence for disregarding it?

I am Dear Sir
yours very truly
A.W. Howitt

[Bottom left hand corner]
The Rev J. H. Stähle
Mission Station

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Document Details

Date 03 Feb 1887
Letter From Howitt, Mr Alfred William
Letter To Stahle, Reverend Johann Heinrich
Country Australia
Colony/State Victoria
Holding Institution Museums Victoria
Collection Name Alfred W. Howitt Collection
Registration Number XM 377
Medium Circular
Region Western District
Locality Lake Condah
Summary Printed circular listing three questions on prohibitions regarding talking to in-laws. Responses from Reverend Stahle regarding his knowledge of social relationships within Aboriginal people of the Lake Condah area.
Physical Description Circular, with additional handwritten notes. Two sheets, two pages. Condition: circular has been repaired with backing sheet; tears from edges; foxing. Notes: unevenly cut/torn right edge; light staining.