Howitt to Stahle 21 November 1881

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Sale Victoria
November 21 1881.

Dear Sir

Can you kindly ascertain for me from the
aborigines in your neighbourhood what their beliefs are
upon the subjects mentioned below:
(1) What are the clouds supposed to be?
(2) Is the sky supposed to be a solid vault over the earth?
(3) What is supposed to be beyond the sky?
(4) What is the sun supposed to be? And what explanation
is given to account for its reappearance in the East in the
morning after going out of sight in the West the
evening before?
(5) What is the moon supposed to be - and what
explanation is given to account for the various phases
from new moon to full moon?
(6) What are their beliefs as to the stars, shooting stars,
comets, the Aurora Australis.

I am Dear Sir
yours faithfully,
A.W. Howitt

Rev Jb Stähle
via Hamilton

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Document Details

Date 21 Nov 1881
Letter From Howitt, Mr Alfred William
Letter To Stahle, Reverend Johann Heinrich
Country Australia
Colony/State Victoria
Holding Institution Museums Victoria
Collection Name Alfred W. Howitt Collection
Registration Number XM 378
Medium Circular
Region Western District
Locality Lake Condah
Summary Circular listing six questions about Aboriginal beliefs regarding the sky, clouds, sun, moon and stars. Response from Reverend Stahle headed 'Moornong clouds' providing detailed answers regarding his knowledge of Lake Condah Aboriginal people.
Physical Description Circular, with 6 questions, printed and handwritten notes with responses. Two sheets, four pages. Printed circular stamped 'Institution Ethnographique. Delegation of Sale'. Condition: circular is fragile with tears from edges. Notes: small tear from top edge.