Questionnaire sent to Rev Stahle

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[Underlined title] Ethnological circular from AW Howitt Bairns

[Postage stamp on top RHS] Bairnsdale Victoria JY 13 77

Heinrich Stähle Esqur
Lake Condah
via Hamilton

[Postage stamp on bottom RHS] Melbourne Y 16 77

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Document Details

Letter From
Letter To
Author Stahle, Reverend Johann Heinrich
Country Australia
Colony/State Victoria
Holding Institution Museums Victoria
Collection Name Alfred W. Howitt Collection
Registration Number XM 379
Medium Questionnaire
Region Western District
Locality Lake Condah
Summary Questionnaire sent to Heinrich Stahle at Lake Condah, and returned to A.W. Howitt. Assumption that Stahle completed the questionnaire.
Physical Description Printed questionnaire, with handwritten responses. Pages three to five only. Produced by A.W. Howitt and Lorimer Fison. Addressed to Heinrich Stahle Esq, Lake Condah via Hamilton. Post office date stamps: July 1877. Condition: marked along folds; section of paper missing (postage stamp removed?).