Benson to Howitt 20 October 1907

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[left column]

what I thought a quite
unintelligible puzzle
resolve itself into a
very interesting study
the only thing that wor-
ries me is, that I am
afraid you find me
very hard to make
However, I will
always do my best for
you. Please remem-
-ber I never get tired
You may please yourself
as regards using my name
but anything I think

[right column]

October 20th 1907

My dear Mr Howitt
I am sending
enclosed the paper in
answer to you of the 2nd.

I hope you will find
they are correct. I
am quite positive that
we have the riddle
quite solved as regards
relationships. With your
help it has been a
great pleasure to me
to gradually find

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Document Details

Date 20-Oct-07
Letter From Benson, Miss May
Letter To Howitt, Mr Alfred William
Country Australia
Colony/State New South Wales
Holding Institution Museums Victoria
Collection Name Alfred W. Howitt Collection
Registration Number XM 38
Medium Letter
Locality Goodooga
Summary Letter and reply to A.W. Howitt's questionnaire with tables of marriage and descent concerning the groups about Brenda Station NSW. Ipatha, aged 59 was Miss Benson's cultural informant.
Physical Description Letter, single sheet, handwritten with four sheets of handwritten notes. Five sheets, seven pages. In some instances A.W. Howitt's transcriptions of certain words are present directly below the word. Good condition.