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consider this Introduction

[first 3 lines crossed out]
There [have been - crossed out] are several questions which have an important bearing upon conclusions [bearing upon - crossed out] which have been
4 which have for some time have required
further investigation

[Several questions- crossed out] Some facts relating to the organisation of
the tribes of South East Australia have been
interpreted differently by authors who have written
on the subject. The diverse opinions which have
been formed [can - crossed out] may, as I see it, [only - crossed out] be affected
either by further [??] or by new evidence
bearing immediately upon the question at
issue. [I have endeavoured during since the - crossed out]
[public- crossed out] During the last three years I have
[made a n- crossed out] attempted to obtain further
evidence through local correspondence, but
with very little success.

In order to [state- crossed out] shew the present state of enquiry I
must briefly state the [condition - crossed out] position of the [Native Tribes - crossed out] aborigines
[and their of their- crossed out] in their relative to tribal [customs - crossed out]
organisation and custom.

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Letter From
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Author Howitt, Mr Alfred William
Country Australia
Holding Institution Museums Victoria
Collection Name Alfred W. Howitt Collection
Registration Number XM 452
Medium Notes
Summary A.W. Howitt notes that 'during the last three years' he had sought to obtain further evidence and information on the organisation of tribes of South East Australia. The notes appear to be an introductory page describing the challenges of collecting information about Aboriginal people.
Physical Description Notes for an article or the introduction to an article, handwritten in ink, undated. Two-thirds of one sheet; one page. Condition: foxing.