Answered questionnaires

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Document Details

Letter From
Letter To
Author Price, Mr
Country Australia
Colony/State Queensland
Holding Institution Museums Victoria
Collection Name Alfred W. Howitt Collection
Registration Number XM 460
Medium Questionnaire
Locality Townsville
Summary Annotations and answers relate to two groups from the coastal areas near Townsville Queensland. Four typed questionnaires with responses by a Mr Price and forwarded by Mr Robert Jack (see letter XM 205). First questionnaire (4 pages) asks 18 questions regarding customs, beliefs, tribal and social organisation. Second questionnaire (1 page) asks about customs relating to body decoration. Third questionnaire (1 page) seeks information on all aspects of song use. Last questionnaire (1 page) request information about body scarring. Covering letter (XM 205) from Mr Robert Jack notes that the questionnaires were completed by Mr Price on the eve of leaving for England.
Physical Description Printed questionnaires, handwritten responses. Four sheets, seven pages. Four in total with four different sets of questions. Condition; fragile; some tearing and tattered edges.