Chapter 7 Songs and Songmakers

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A (9)
As connected with magic, or rather with the supernatural, [the - crossed out]
[following song may serve- crossed out] Kurburu song serves as an example. It brings into view a
curious belief in some supernatural connection [supernaturally - crossed out] between beasts
and man which is found in so many Australian [beliefs] legends and tales.

It was composed and sung by a bard named Kurburu who lived
many years ago in the early days of the settlement of the county
by the whites, near where the town of Berwick now stands [in the - crossed out]
[Western Port District - crossed out]. He was supposed to have killed a "native
bear" [(Note) Phascolarctos cinereus- crossed out] and being possessed
by its spirit (murup) henceforth chaunted its song.

Kurburu's Song

Enaguroa nung ngalourma

There now cut-a-cross

barein gurukba murnein

track blood ?

burunbai nganungba

hurt myself

lilira muringa

[chipped tomahawk (with). (Note_ - crossed out] I was not
able to obtain a satisfactory verbatim translation of this song.

The singer, Berak, gave me the following free translation, "You
across my track, you spilled my blood, and broke your toma-
hawk on me.
The time with two short sticks, while an appreciative
ring audience stood round

Umbara's Song

Galagala binja buninga ngali

Capsizing me striking me

winbelow jena ngarauan udja

(the) wind blows hard (the) sea long stretched

kandubai buninga melinthi buninga

between striking hard hitting striking

ngali mulari binja buninga

me dashing up me striking

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