The Victorian Native Tribe

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The Victorian Native Tribes

The [Settlement - crossed out] colonisation [in - crossed out] of
Victoria [was first- crossed out] was commenced [by a- crossed out ]
when Battman [sic] and Fawkner settled in the
Yarra River in 1835, where the city of
Melbourne now stands.

[Within ten years a great part of Victoria- crossed out]
[had been occupied for pastoral purposes- crossed out]
The native population when the colony was
first established has been estimated by various
authorities, [from - crossed out] as [3000 (E M Curr The A. race Vol. p.) - crossed out]
by Brough Smith as 3000 (Reference ), Protector Thomas
as 6000, Protector Parker as 7,500, E M Curr
(the A. Race vol p. ); Turner as "probably 6000"
This [population - crossed out] indigenous population was divided
into a great number of tribes, each having a
definite tract of country over which its members hunted,
and in so far as exclusively that they could not
trespass upon the [adjacent - crossed out] lands of the adjacent

[At the end of ten years- crossed out]
[The history of those ten years shews that they had - crossed out]
[been fatal to the native tribes - crossed out]

In the ten years following upon [after - crossed out] the establishment of the Colony
[a great number- crossed out] a great part of it had been occupied
by the white for pastoral purposes. [The aboriginal tribe - crossed out]
[In the neighbourhood of Melbourne where the - crossed out]

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Summary Content referring to colonisation of Victoria; arrival of Batman and Fawkner in Melbourne in 1835; and includes estimates of indigenous population of Victoria in 1835 by a number of 19th century writers. Estimates of population numbers provided by from Brough Smyth, Thomas, Parker, Curr and Turner. Noted that the Indigenous population of Victoria was divided into a great number of tribes each with its own tract of country.
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