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class system. Journal of the Anthrop Inst. 1888
This [??] accompanied by a map shewing the
approximate boundaries of tribes, to use Mr Mathews
terms, with the divisions, those with four subdivisions
[with a - crossed out] and also an early account of the
? Waramunga tribe of Central Australia which has
eight subdivisions. Further than this it shews
the location of tribes of abnormal type with female
descent, abnormal types with male descent,
and abnormal tribes with no class divisions.

In the Journal of the Anthropological Institution of
1890, page 30, he will find another pioneer paper
entitled "The Dieri and other Kindred Tribes [underlined]
of Central Australia" [underlined] which is accompanied by a map
shewing the tribes in the Lake Eyre District which practise
circumcision and subcision.

Altogether I published thirteen pioneer papers
which contain practically the information which I [have - crossed out]
elaborated in my Native Tribes of South East Australia in 1904.

It is to be regretted that Mr Mathews should make
such rash and random statements.

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Date 1908 - 1904
Letter From
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Author Howitt, Mr Alfred William
Country Australia
Holding Institution Museums Victoria
Collection Name Alfred W. Howitt Collection
Registration Number XM 619
Medium Notes
Summary Content refers to criticisms of A.W. Howitt made by Mr Mathews. Reference to papers in the 'Journal of the Anthropological Institute'. Comments by A.W. Howitt in response to 'rash and random statements' made by Mr Mathews regarding tribal boundaries, class divisions, and customs. Howitt points out that he had published 'thirteen pioneer papers' leading to his publication 'Native Tribes of South-East Australia' in 1904.
Physical Description Notes, handwritten in ink, undated. One quarto sheet, one page. Incomplete document. Condition: foxing; smalll tear from bottom edge.