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[This is a farther instance of want of care on Mr Lang's part- crossed out]
In order that there may [not be any- crossed out] be no further misunderstanding
as to my meaning, in the passage where I speak [of the conditions - crossed out] of
[the country know which I have assumed the - crossed out] of the climatic and
physical conditions of the country in [of the under - crossed out] which the Undivided Commons
may have lived I shall amplify what I have said
in [the - crossed out] my Native Tribes [of South Eastern Australia (pp 172, 173) - crossed out] pp 173-174. I refer [now - crossed out]
to what I [say- crossed out] saw when in the delta of the Barcoo (Cooper's creek)
in the years 1862-3. The seasons in these years were [I think - crossed out] probably
intermediate in character between periods of [extreme -crossed out] luxuriant
fertility and extreme drought. While at [the - crossed out] Kaliomaru

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Author Howitt, Mr Alfred William
Country Australia
Holding Institution Museums Victoria
Collection Name Alfred W. Howitt Collection
Registration Number XM 667
Medium Notes
Summary Content of the pages relates to climatic and physical conditions around Barcoo and Cooper's Creek area from observations in 1862-3. Reference to Yaurorka country.
Physical Description Notes, handwritten in ink, undated. One foolscap sheet with slip of paper adhered. Number 8a at the top of second page and vertical line struck through both pages. Condition: good; light foxing.