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Transcription - Page 46

thŭn-dal = glass
this is also a mung
I have travelled for
a long way all day
I am very tired.
1 sign. = I
2 sign = distance & direction
3 sign = [arc of heaven of
sun's course
4. point to thigh - feet
and small of back
and move very slowly.
I have come all day
- my father very sick.

1 sign = I
2 sign = direction & distance
3 sign = sun's course
4 sign = for male
5 sign = touch [??] object
6 sign = imitate carrying

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A man on your shoulders
- his legs held by you
in front -----------
[line crossed out]
younger- sister
1st sign place the hand
behind hips
2nd for woman
3rd imitate rubbing [?] up
over head.
4th make a circle in the
air about as high as the
hip = grave
My son =
1st sign for child by touching
breast bone with back hand
the old people

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Author Howitt, Mr Alfred William
Country Australia
Holding Institution Museums Victoria
Collection Name Alfred W. Howitt Collection
Registration Number XM 759
Medium Notebook
Summary Belonging to A.W. Howitt. Anthropological notes, from front and back of notebook varied content including notes on language, social organisation and customs and legends. Discusses the Yarra Tribe and groups across eastern Victoria. Includes language notes and diagrams, kin terms, names of people along coast and Victorian group associations with localities. Notes on 'eaglehawk and bunjil'. Possibly information from Barak ''My name is Bairuk - grub of gum tree'. Illustrations of weapons and burial practices. Notes from Paterson's 'The History of New South Wales, from Its First Discovery to the Present Time.'
Physical Description Notebook, black, hard-covered, entries in pencil. Condition: fragile; first section of pages weakly attached. No clasp.