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Transcription - Page 107

in Nulut the Bad ground
is called wia-wŭrk
the male is painted with
pipe clay thus [illustration]

the visitor is seated on a raised
couch of boughs - + fed by his
hosts - water out of bowl with
burnt stick

The knowledge of this [the men -crossed out] (according to William )
extends further than Swan Hill

visitor was also obliged to learn to speak
the dialect before he could go
further into the country.

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Billy’s song
mínyan būllūn ma nánanke
show belly to the moon

Last night men returned late with
wallaby – knocked up – Billy’s song
- at day break - got ready- the
Dūra scene – then more
painting – the Mrarts – the
boys stand – Old [?Barak?] addresses
them. Waiting for the steamer
– card playing – the [??] at [?umbrella?]
-the tiny little Jeraeil. The steamer
full of people.

Water ceremony
The vessel is a gillūng
made of wattlebark.

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Author Howitt, Mr Alfred William
Country Australia
Colony/State Victoria
Holding Institution Museums Victoria
Collection Name Alfred W. Howitt Collection
Registration Number XM 761
Medium Notebook
Summary Belonging to A.W. Howitt. Anthropological notes, from front and back of a notebook. Diverse notes, charts, lists and tables. Includes a list of names of people receiving rations. Various legends and customs. The notebook includes notes relating to the Yuin near Bega, as well as Western Victoria, the Wotjobaluk (Wergaia) and Bunganditj but also the Kamilaroi and the Wiradjuri. Also includes information on Bobby Wartwul, Charley Bega, William Benson and other Aboriginal informants. Includes information on the Wiradjuri - their barter system, marriage rules, power of medicine man; list of 22 words with English equivalents, 35 family names; Kamilaroi •À_ family names, genealogy of Bobby Wartwul, marriage rules, elopement, belief in Daramulan; tooth avulsion rite, sketch of a camp, methods of burial described, legend about the origin of Aurora Australia; wordlists in Kamilaroi and Wirdajuri with English equivalents.
Physical Description Notebook, black, hard-covered, undated. Entries in pencil and ink. 120 sheets, 205 pages. Condition: extremely fragile; broken metal clasp; binding coming apart; loose pages; cover is badly worn with sections missing along the spine.