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(20) was Bilibileri the
"maternal uncle" of
Berak - If not
what relation.

[diagram of relationships]

Father burned
Bilibileri Turnbull sister
wife - sister Bunjil

Jack Weatherly - Bebejern


What does Bilibileri mean

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(21) re Stone Quarry
William says in one place
that Capt. Turnbull looked after it
and was therefore called Niūgūlabŭl
- at another place he says that
the country where it was belonged to
Bilibileri. His brother and the son
of his sister were co-occupiers with
him - Bebejern (Berak's father) was also
in this partnership. Bilibileri usually
lived at the quarry - when he went
away his sisters son went to mind it.
When neighbouring tribes wanted stone
they sent messengers to Billibileri +c

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The father of Bilibilery's "nephew" was
next in authority to Capt. Turnbull.
The East half of Mt Macedon belonged to the
Urunjeri - the west half belonged to the
Kŭrnung willŭm who extended to Daylesford
& Bullarook.

Were the Kŭrnŭng willum - Woeworung
or Jajaworung? -
How could Turnbull have a
share in the Quarry?

See (12) (19)

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Date 1901 - 1894
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Summary Belonging to A.W. Howitt. Entries in both front and back of notebook, which are predominantly anthropological but some survey notes are included. Notebook contains excellent information on Victorian placenames obtained from unnamed informants (possibly Captain Turnbull aka •À_Nungilabua•À_, Captain Harrison, Dick Richards and William Barak) at Coranderrk on 23/6/1900. There are also notes taken 'to Nerim 9 Feby 1901 on natural science.
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