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Transcription - Page 25

(28) Buckley speaks of "ants"
? grubs- are these Yauarng
- if so what are yauarng

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(29) What is Wambat - in
the Geelong language
Buckley says norngnor.

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(30) Cannibalism -
Killing enemies & roasting
parts of their flesh

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(31) Where is the river
[crossed out - Kaar] Karaaf

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(32) Does William
know a story about
Bunjil making two men
of clay [crossed out - figures], one with straight
hair called Berrookboon
- one with curley hair called
Kookinkerook. -

(33) Look up what Brough
says about
Bunjil +c -

33A Eating children

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Document Details

Date 1901 - 1894
Letter From
Letter To
Author Howitt, Mr Alfred William
Country Australia
Colony/State Victoria
Holding Institution Museums Victoria
Collection Name Alfred W. Howitt Collection
Registration Number XM 765
Medium Notebook
Summary Belonging to A.W. Howitt. Entries in both front and back of notebook, which are predominantly anthropological but some survey notes are included. Notebook contains excellent information on Victorian placenames obtained from unnamed informants (possibly Captain Turnbull aka •À_Nungilabua•À_, Captain Harrison, Dick Richards and William Barak) at Coranderrk on 23/6/1900. There are also notes taken 'to Nerim 9 Feby 1901 on natural science.
Physical Description Notebook, small blue leather-bound, with metal clasp. Entries in ink. 55 sheets, 69 pages. Condition: extremely fragile; loose spine and pages.