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Enquire of Berak re: Eliza
(1) Does he remember the fight between Billy
(Goulburn tribe) and Gillibrand (Melbourne tribe) at Sandy
when the Woeworung and Bunworung
and 3 other tribes were there + Gellibrand beat
Hamilton What was it all about?
Yes it was about Hamilton taking Gelibrand's wife

(2) Does he know Binbeal the Rainbow
and his wife?

(3) Does he remember the very old man
*Moogolŭmbeek tribe - who was
with many Kulin in the Govt
? All the people listened to him?
* a tribe beyond Benalla - but not as far as the
Yes Murray Rv.

(4) Betrothal. who by?
Did girl's brother or cousin
exchange her?

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(5) draw up William's pedigree
also verify this;

[Diagram of geneaology]

Captain Turnbull - Bilibileri - sister? *
sister ?
Jack Wetherly - Bebejern - son ?
+ wife?
William - son and daughter
wife? wife - husband
David child


*married Kūrnŭngilŭm man
+ nourailŭm balŭk woman

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Document Details

Date 09 Oct 1897
Letter From
Letter To
Author Howitt, Mr Alfred William
Country Australia
Holding Institution Museums Victoria
Collection Name Alfred W. Howitt Collection
Registration Number XM 775
Medium Notebook
Summary Belonging to A.W. Howitt. Ethnographic and survey notes. Content also includes discussion of Woeworung marriage rules and a table of marriage is given; documents a number of stories regarding Aboriginal History; and includes the signs of Aborigines in the deed drawn up by John Batman. Includes a genealogy of sorts for William Barak. There are unrelated botanical notes and illustrations as well. There also appear to be sketch drawings of animals, possibly made by Richards or Barak towards the end of the book.
Physical Description Notebook, leather-bound, with metal clasp. 40 sheets, 71 pages. Condition: fragile; spine is slightly weak but no loose pages.