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Kóim (Kangaroo) ask W.
will you eat me stop will you?

W. says No! I am going to lie down
this way (leaning over) K. says
it is a wet day today - too much
rain - we are wet and should dry
our skins. W. then said I will
lie down on this side (leaning over the
other way) - K. getting cold - took
his - moreing (skin [??])
and [cut?] tail off W. - who got up
and with a long stick & stuck
it [onto?] him so that he has had
a tail ever since.

Kurburu (N Bear)
No one gave him any wattle gum
(gurrŭng) [then he would bring- crossed out]
[me some water - and they brought- crossed out]
the other people got water +
gum round its [??] + drank
it. K. was very wild.

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next day all the people went
out hunting, looking for gum
and K get all their tarnŭks
- fill them with water and put
them all into a hole of a

All the people came back and
looked about, said who took my
tarnŭk each said I do not know
I have lost my tarnŭk too!

Then they saw up a tree
Kurburu with all the Tarnŭks
- this tree that grew up from the
ground. K. said - what you fellas
looking for - They [want?] all come
down with the water. K. said
get your tomahawks + climb
up yourselves

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Document Details

Date 09 Oct 1897
Letter From
Letter To
Author Howitt, Mr Alfred William
Country Australia
Holding Institution Museums Victoria
Collection Name Alfred W. Howitt Collection
Registration Number XM 775
Medium Notebook
Summary Belonging to A.W. Howitt. Ethnographic and survey notes. Content also includes discussion of Woeworung marriage rules and a table of marriage is given; documents a number of stories regarding Aboriginal History; and includes the signs of Aborigines in the deed drawn up by John Batman. Includes a genealogy of sorts for William Barak. There are unrelated botanical notes and illustrations as well. There also appear to be sketch drawings of animals, possibly made by Richards or Barak towards the end of the book.
Physical Description Notebook, leather-bound, with metal clasp. 40 sheets, 71 pages. Condition: fragile; spine is slightly weak but no loose pages.