Letter from John Bulmer 28 April 1881

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Lake Tyers
April 28th 1881

My Dear Mr Howitt

In speaking of sticks being
sent only as an invitation
to a corroborrie I referred to
the Waimbio. The Gippsland
Blacks seem to know nothing
about the sticks.

The message stick I saw
on the Murray was about
the length of an ordinary
walking stick and marked
spiral fashion with a
band here & there. There
seemed to the no connection
between the marks & the
corroborie but I noticed
the stick went wherever
the corroboree went after

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Document Details

Date 28 Apr 1881
Letter From Bulmer, Reverend John
Letter To Howitt, Alfred William
Country Australia
Holding Institution Museums Victoria
Collection Name Alfred W. Howitt Collection
Registration Number XM 85
Medium Letter
Region Gippsland
Locality Lake Tyers
Summary Content relates to region around Murray-Darling Junction and Lake Tyers, Gippsland. Discusses forms of communication between groups, including gesture language, message sticks and the impact of contact. Reverend Bulmer notes that he questioned Jenny Cooper and Billy McDougall.
Physical Description Letter, handwritten, ink. Signed and dated. Single folded sheet, three pages. Condition: good.