Fison to Howitt 5 Sept 1906

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Essendon [Aug - crossed out] Sept 5, '06

My dear Howitt
Many thanks for your reprint from
the "Fortnightly". I congratulate you on it, +
should be very indignant with Andrew Lang,
if he were worth being angry with. He is beneath
contempt, + I told Frazer so when I was writing
to him the other day. Spencer expressed most
admirably my own opinion in his last letter to me.
He said "Lang is an ethnologic charlatan, who
cares nothing for the truth, but only for
some theory or other which he is occupying himself
with for the time being."

I look forward eagerly to your remarks
on Lang's absurd "Secret of the Totem", + your
further exposure of his dishonesty, in the
paper you were kind enough to show me.

I must stop. My head is throbbing sore.

With kindest regards + best wishes to you
all, from all of us.
Ever yours
L. Fison

P.S. The girls say, "Kind regards indeed! Give him our
love!" And Mrs F says, "Certainly!" Lottie wishes me
to tell May that she will send her a letter soon.

[written at top of letter]

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Document Details

Date 5-Sep-06
Letter From Fison, Lorimer
Letter To Howitt, Alfred William
Country Australia
Colony/State Victoria
Holding Institution State Library of Victoria
Collection Name
Registration Number MS9356/49
Medium Letter
Locality Essendon
Summary MS 9356 [Series] General correspondence with anthropologists. [Sub Series] Lorimer Fison to A. W. Howitt [Item Title] Letter from Lorimer Fison to A.W. Howitt. [Summary note] 1 page. 1906 September 5. Box 1049 [Folder] 6(a) [State Library Victoria record 2018]
Physical Description Handwrittten in black ink on lined paper.