Draft of Howitt to Siebert 14/10/1898

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[Diagram stars with the position of Scorpio and Antari; the Milky Way; Altair and Aquila]

Wrote to Mr Shaw saying
that I will adopt his suggestion and go
up to see old William shortly
of which I will give notice.
will he try to find out
what is Bunjil - I
think it is Altair
according to sketch
as below


[written on left side of page]
Have then difficulty arrise [sic] out of the
breaking up of the tribes the lessening of numbers
and the dying out of old customs?

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Document Details

Date 14 Oct 1878
Letter From Siebert, Otto
Letter To Howitt, Alfred William
Country Australia
Colony/State Victoria
Holding Institution State Library of Victoria
Collection Name Alfred W. Howitt Collection
Registration Number MS9356/350
Medium Letter
Summary MS 9356 [Series] Correspondence and notes concerning aboriginal tribes - Aboriginal tribes of South Australia. [Sub Series] Dieri and kindred tribes [Item Title] Draft letter from A. W. Howitt to Otto Siebert. [Summary note] Contains accompanying notes on his findings which includes a Dieri vocabulary list. 5 pages. 1878 October 14. Box 1052 [Folder] 3(a) [State Library Victoria record 2018]
Physical Description Draft letter and notes, handwritten in ink with diagrams and a comparative table of language terms on the last page.