Notes by Howitt on Kulin from Barak

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The Kūlin Tribe
Informant Bēr-ŭk (white grub in gum tree)
otherwise King William of the Yarra tribe.

[Margin Note:]
Avoca – or Boka

[Margin note]
Mr Cameron learns from
King David that
Kubitche = Waa
Kroki = Bunjil

The men of this tribe are all called Kūlin in
distinction from those of alien tribes who are
regarded as wild men and named as
follows: -
Gippsland blacks beyond Tarwin River = Bér-bira
or Méy-met
Beyond Geelong = [B- crossed out] Warrije = Far off - Bek = country
at Echuca = Méy-met
The Bounds of the country occupied by the Kūlin
were these: from the Tarwin River in Westernport
round the spurs of the Australian alps to beyond
the Broken River; and extending westward
to beyond Geelong – to Mt Macedon, Kilmore
Murchison and probably Wangaratta. ——

[Margin note:]
1 – W
2 – W
3 – B
5 – W
6 - B

[Margin note]
Each tribe has its
particular locality
which they consider a
sort of inheritance
Buckley p. 37

The Jajowurong tribe adjoining the Kūlin
on the North west was regarded as friendly;
The Mey met and Ber-bira were not so
The Kūlin tribe was divided into Hordes of
which the following were the principal; if not all.

[Marginal text:]
ballŭk = a number
of people
ūrŭn = white gum
jerririk = mourning
ngarūk = stones
Kūrūng jang = red ground
Neera = a deep gully

[Margin note]
also the Nir-ballŭk
from Nir = cave
spoke Thagun wūrŭng from
Thagun = No -
lived on watershed of
down to Sandhurst

Hordes Class Wives to Wives from
1. Ūrŭndjeri ballŭk W waa wöe
Kew 13.14.15 languages
2. Būlūk willŭm W waa wöe woey wūrŭng language
3. Ngárŭk willŭm W būnjil wöe woey wūrŭng language
4. Būnwūrŭng [Mordiallok]] būnjil boon-wūrŭng
5. Kūrūng jang ballŭk W waa wöe woey wūrŭng
6. Gūnŭng willŭm ballŭk būnjil wöe woey wūrŭng
Mt Macedon
7. Nira ballŭk Kilmore Waa thagūng wūrŭng
8. Būthera ballŭk Seymour būnjil thagūng wurung
9. Yowŭng illŭm ballŭk waa thagūng wurung
10. Waaring illŭm ballŭk būnjil thagūng wurung
Muddy Ck
11. Yeerŭn illŭm ballŭk būnjil thagūng wurung
[12. Būn mūrŭng ballŭk Waa boon-wūrŭng - crossed out]
[Cape Schanck- crossed out]
12 [13.- crossed out] Ballŭng Kara-mittŭng-būla būnjil (does not know)
13 [14. - crossed out] Wŭdthowrŭng ballŭk bunjil Wadtha-wurung
14 [15.- crossed out] Ngūralŭng būla Same Būnjil Ngūrai iliŭm wrūrung
Murchison Ngur-ai- illŭm

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