Notes by Howitt on Kulin from Barak

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To eat these forbidden animals subjects the
offender not only to punishment at the
hands of the old men but also is supposed
to bring upon him supernatural vengeance.
William was told by the old people at the
Goulburn River that if a “tallanggŭn” eat some
of a porcupine the Kaiu-wŭrn ([lightning or - crossed out] thunder)
would kill him sometime. A Tallangŭn who
eat the forbidden female possum [was - crossed out] would
it was supposed fall from a tree sometime
when climbing. It was the same with the native
bear. In all these cases it was supposed
that it was the Mūrŭp (ghost = spirit) of the
animal that revenged it. Eating Black Duck
was said to be punished by thunder or lightning.
(wūrn – da – bil = growling) – wūl – lū – djin =
shining – bright) —————

The illustration that William gave me was as
“If the Wang Kūrn (tallanggŭn) eat an old woman possum
then the Mūrŭp of the possum would catch him.
He feels bad and shows himself to the Doctor
(Wirarap) (Some Ngŭrŭng gaeta are Doctors – not all
– I am not). The Doctor comes up to see him, say
about 4 o’clock in the afternoon and the Wang Kūrn
stands before him. The Doctor looks at him and
says “You have a 'possum there – you have taken
too [eating - crossed out] quick to eat the possum”. The Doctor
then rubs down his thigh and pulls out a
young possum”. ——————

[written in the left side margin]
note the joea
of the Yūin

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