Notes by Howitt on Kulin from Barak

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Notes to Buckleys Book

William suggests that Buckley's name was
Murran galk which is like “very good =
Marran –ga – vil
But - Marran = tomahawk and kalk = handle = wood


p. 36 – [Woortmaroong - crossed out] near Murchison.
[Noor - crossed out] Woort-moorŭm – because they
were very hairy all over – moorŭm = hair
on the body - Yering ŭndŭk = beard
Yari-Kowŭng = hair of head – Kowŭng = head

p. 36. Yāwangis – Tobin Yalluk to the Tarwin
p. 37. Bengálat-ballŭk at Melbourne heads
Geelong side.
p. 41 Waring-willŭm – lived about Yea
and Alexandra – see also on 10


P p 90 Woey-wŭrŭng – the language belonged to
Dandenong, Cranbourne, up the Yarra,
Yan Yean, Mt Macedon, - but not at
Bacchus Marsh

ilŭm – [ilŭng - crossed out] = camp
ngūra a plant like See No 15 p 1
arrowroot that grows on the bank of the river
and is used as food - baked in the

p 95 – būllock = water hole
p 102 Balling – gūng – illŭm =
a water plant of which the roots are washed
and eaten

p. 13. Kuarka dorla maybe meant for
Gooray u = (Corio) – goora = sandy

[written in left side margin]
See list on 65
to which they belonged
Yuralung bula

p 13 – Yawang Hills from
[Yowŭng - crossed out] Yau-ŭng = stone
near the Werribee.

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