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Ki yukka [??] - din dāka Bunjil Bowl
Khee an goong. Fath gave name.
Pallung - nakun - gave it - it belonged to him- Sent name

Jackey - Father youngest north - of Toby - his name was
Toby - will not use for a long time. If he had no other
name would give him a new one - some old
man a [??] [??] if none narkun.

[Bowl - crossed out] Raymond Island wife from Turtgwunung
not Krotun - because Kūkun Bruthen
not Tatun go by because same like Yowung
a Bunjil [??] Kurra
not [??] [?much?] - difficult to go Wy yung
in [?Dargo?] [?the?] [??] Munju

Mother [??] Lake Tyers [?cast?] for them, [??] [??] Lake
- it is my country. Bowl belongs to me + my father.
I could have visited at Lake Tyers but my country to live
in would have been Bowl (Raymond Island)
I am half Tatūngulung + half [?Kurtau?] -
could not get wife from Eagle Point [??] [??]
[??] from West side [?milikea?] in [??]
But could from this side.

[written at bottom of page]
gin an ga gan

[written in box on right side of page]
Tatūnguluna from
Wy Yung
no [??]
no [??]

[written sideways at bottom of page]
give [?wives?] to
Dargo who always
came doe to
not old men
too far

no lake men
did not go far
from lakes -
did not go in the
bush far away.

near Kurnung
Kurni - [??]

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