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Song of the bottle

Nabungada-gada gauan-gauanda
pull out cork

bŭnyel drarndu-willem máyonga
you a(n)d I – little warm place –
a little further

bŭrrabū = tarloo gallaglet = sapling.

Brown snake - Laue-berri.
Tiger snake - Gél-ŭng.
Any kind of snake is - thūrūng

Dŭrt-gŭrŭk = a large yellow fungus.
Wándūin = Eugenia
Tallak = Sow thistle.
Ngŭllŭk = one of the cruciferie
Bencruachan - Welwendŭk
Nau-wŭn-ji come here
Wal-kimmi - give
Worli-ngŭtbi = knife.
Kŭlla-melŭrt scissors = (cutting thing)
Bŭr=lean of meat.
Ngittal-mine - per Charley Alexander 23/6/72

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Author Howitt, Alfred William
Country Australia
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Holding Institution State Library of Victoria
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Medium Notes
Summary MS 9356 [Series] Correspondence and notes concerning aboriginal tribes - Aboriginal tribes of Victoria. [Sub Series] Kurnai [Item Title] Notes by A. W. Howitt titled 'Kurnai. Various names of plants, language etc.'. [Summary note] Incorporates information from correspondents including Mr. McAlpine, J. C. McLeod and tribal informants. 145 pages. Box 1053 [Folder] 3(b) & 4(a) [State Library Victoria record 2018]
Physical Description Correspondence and notes.