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like a bough yard thus:

[written next to diagram in right side margin]
The Jerael ground
was made larger or less
according to the number of

The high screen was turned towards the camps
where the women were so that they might
not see the boys.
(These follow the ceremonies described by Tulaba)

When the ceremonies were over the boys were
laid down upon boughs in which were rugs
and rugs were again placed over the boys
so that they could not see any thing. They were
not permitted to move. If [they - crossed out] one wanted anything
he made a chirping sound imitating the
note of the Yeerŭng. His būllerwang then came
and said "Do you want [water - crossed out] so + so" naming in
successiono everything he could think was wanted.
The boy remained silent until that was
mentioned which he wanted, when he repeated the Yerungs note.

As soon as the [Jer - crossed out] Boys were covered up
all the [Jerael - crossed out] men who were Jeraale had a kind
of game. One of them imitated a possum
climbing up a small tree and the others
tried to shake him down. One after the
other did this. I only saw this when I had
been made Jerraale and was assisting.
The boys cannot see it but only hear the noise.
The boys lie covered up for several days,
I lay there for three days and nights, I was
quite stupid and weak when I got up.-

The Jeraals cannot eat wattle gum, river eel, conger eel
porcupine or the females of animals such as Kangaroos
possums +c.

It is not until he is married that he is allowed
to eat porcupine.

A youth would not be killed if he eats such things, but the old people would
make [?some?] game of him. But he would have to run away.

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