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Bobby Coleman (Kūlŭtba)
I was born at Brt-gŭtta, just over there at the
Hill Top. My father’s name was Kūlŭtba
from Bellum Bellum, that is McNaughtens
. “Old Morgan” was my Babŭk. I think
Bellum is the name of a small fish. My
mother was a Brabra from near
Mūnji not far from Butlers. I am a
Brataua – belonging to the Yonŭng – I
am almost half Briaka. My father
belonged [the – crossed out] to the same mob as Jemmy
– that is Yonŭng. Tommy Hoddinot
also belonged to Yonŭng. The Yonŭng are real
Brataua. My country goes down the Latrobe
from the bridge. Up the river belonged
to the Briaka. I have heard of Nollum
Nollum – I think it is up near the Tanjil.
The Brataua had three mobs, Yonŭng at
Warrigal creek, Delin at Buckleys, and
Kŭtwŭt which is the first river at the [end – crossed out]
other side the open country going to the diggings
at Sticky aid creek. The river is in a deep
gully and [has – crossed out] there is an island before when it
comes out. The Tarra belonged to Yonŭng.
A place called Yonŭng [?Gatti?] belonged to
Delin. It is what is now called Tucker
Yonung get wives from Delin, Bunjil Kraura
Ramayŭk, [?Kŭtbrŭitaura?]. Delin got wives
from Bunjil Kraura, Baul Baul.
Kūbwŭt from Yonung gatty, Bunjil
Nellung. I know this because I remember
women who came from these places.

[written in left side margin, next to line about Sticky aid creek]
Agnes River

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