Howitt to Fison 5 April 1876

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result of the investigation so far
as I have gone clearly points to
the "Evolution" of the "Turanian"
from the "Malayan" and the
"Pairing system" from the former.
As you once very aptly observed
"if the blackfellows had been left
a few years longer say 10,000 or so
they would ahve got out of that
system into another" - or something
to that effect! What is this but
evolution! Have you read
"Cave Hunting" by Boyd Dawkins
He makes out a strong case for
regarding the Esquimaux as being
the linal descendent of those
early people who lived in Europe
together with an arctic fauna
immediately at the close of the
glacial period. If so it seems
to me doubtful of the 10,000 years
has much altered them. The
process of change is evident very
slow; and the first painful steps in
advance must have required long ages.
C'est le premier pas que coute

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