Howitt to Fison 12 December 1879

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Sale Dec 12 1879

My dear Mr Fison
I have not done much since I telegraphed
to you via Sydney. Robertson declines to take any
share of the risk - indeed I scarcely expected that he
would. His reply is as follows:-
Estimate printing work in Ethnography similar
to Royal Soy Papers say 250pp 800
1000 copies in sheets £80.00
Stereotyping ppage 1/6
Binding from 80/- per 100
Authors [??] extra
This is not satisfactory. I shall go to
town when I am ready to begin and
see him myself. Mean while I wait
a reply from the Royal Society- having
written again definitely to Ellery (who has
been absent in Sydney). I also await
a reply as to printing from Mason
Firth + McCutcheon general printers
as to cost of printers work. I am
also inclined to speak to Mullens
and see whether he can offer
any suggestions with our consideration
I have also received a note from
Morgan [in - crossed out] which I enclose as the
readiest means of telling you its

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