Howitt to Fison 26 January 1880

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[Written in the upper margin]
I shall
send your
in a day or
two when
I have noted
a few points
I want to
draw your
attention to.
Yours faithfully
A.W. Howitt

Sale Jany 26 1880

My Dear Mr Fison
Your letter of the 6th arrived the other
day and was welcome. I had been waiting for it
anxiously. I have not used the draft or rather
your order and acceptance and have now
destroyed them. I will advise you of the amount
required as soon as I know myself. I think the
500 will be enough for first edition but at any
rate I will not print more than a proportionate
number - I say proportionate as regards the
number the Royal Society may require for their
issue. I fancy that would be 260 - in that case
we should not gain much by having them
in halves. I shall therefore carry a "stiff upper lip"
as Sam Slick and insist upon my
terms with them. I expect directly to
hear from Elley who was so busy the matter
before the monthly council meeting. So soon
as I can feel that my arrangements are
completed I shall take the field by issuing
announcements of the new work and perhaps
shall issue a short prospectus. I have
thought it might be well to address
the Rev Lorimer Fison

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Document Details

Date 26 January 1880
Letter From Howitt, Alfred William
Letter To Fison, Reverend Lorimer
Country Australia
Holding Institution St Mark's National Theological Centre
Collection Name Alan Tippett/Lorimer Fison Collection
Registration Number tip70-10-34-2
Medium Letter
Region Gippsland
Locality Sale
Summary Further discussions and comment/changes to latest versions of drafts for the forthcoming joint publication, Kamilaroi and Kurnai. Also includes discussion of print runs, and circulation of the final publication.
Physical Description Handwritten in ink, signed and dated. Letter ends without a signature, however annotation and signature are located top of first page.