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Memorandum A
on a list (furnished by A.W. Howitt Esq. of Bairnsdale
Gipps Land) of terms of kinship between a family of
four brothers and one sister, together with their respective
descendants. Tribe, the Brabrolong, Gipps Land.

Diagram of descent.

1. Son 2. Son 3. Son 4. Son 5. Daughter
12. Wife 11.Wife 8. Wife
\ \ \
(6. Daughter) 9. Son 13. Son 21 Son
7. Husband 10. Wife 14. Wife
\ \
17. Daughter, 18. Son, 19 Daughter 20 Son 15 Son 16 Son

Native Terms given by Degree of Kinship according to Sex of
Mr Howitt the diagram Speaker

α 18 calls 2 Waintuwin [mattel - crossed out] My father's father M
β 18 calls 11 Nallung My father's father's wife M
γ 18 calls 1,3,4 Waintuwin Waintwin or Brebba My father's father's brothers M
δ 18 calls 5 Waintjun [down - crossed out] My father's father's sister M
έ 18 calls 6 Mummung My father father brother's daughter M
ζ 18 calls 7 Barbuck My father father's brother daughter's husband sister's husband M
η 18 calls 8 Brebba nallung [mettel - crossed out] My father father brother's wife M
θ 18 calls 14 Brebba yuckun [down - crossed out] My father father brother's son's wife bro's wife M
κ 18 calls 15 Bramung [down - crossed out] father's father's younger brother's son's son [daughter- crossed out] M
λ 1 calls 7 Gnarribill * My daughter's husband M
μ 2,3,4,5 call 7 " * My brother's daughter's husband M&F
ν 7 calls 12 Qua - a- bund * My wife's mother M
ξ 7 calls 8 & 11 Qua - a- bund * My wife's father's bro's wife

Note. Terms marked * are reciprocal

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Document Details

Date 1885 - 1875
Letter From
Letter To
Author Howitt, Alfred William
Country Australia
Holding Institution St Mark's National Theological Centre
Collection Name Alan Tippett/Lorimer Fison Collection
Registration Number tip70-10-37-8
Medium Table
Region Gippsland
Summary Content relates to the terms of Kinship for a number of families and their descendants of the Kurnai as provided to Lorimer Fison by A.W. Howitt.
Physical Description Hand drawn tables, titled, Memorandum A, Memorandum B, Memorandum C and Memorandum D. Contains Kinship terms, Family names, diagrams of descent and additional notes. Undated.