Gould to Fison

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Document Details

Date 1 October 1873
Letter From Gould, Lionel H. L.
Letter To Fison, Reverend Lorimer
Country Australia
Colony/State Western Australia
Holding Institution St Mark's National Theological Centre
Collection Name Alan Tippett/Lorimer Fison Collection
Registration Number tip70-10-41-5
Medium Letter
Locality Port Walcott
Summary Discussion of giving of Howitt and Fison's schedules to other squatters in district and how to write Aboriginal words and language. Discussion of cultural practices of Aboriginal people living across the north west of Western Australia.
Physical Description Handwritten in black ink, signed and dated. Brief note added on page one. Creases from folded pages evident. Some foxing, particularly on page one. Later date written at top of page four.