Bullwanga is described by Howitt as a bird Ancestor and one of the three 'real Kurnai ancestors'.
Bullawang is also a term used to describe those men 'in charge' of caring for an instructing young initiates during the Jeraeil ceremony. The Bullawang is the 'Tutniurring's' (novices) " own," or " trilbal " mother's brother's son, and belongs to that local group of the tribe with whlich the novices father's group intermarried. These Bullawangs had been selected after careful consideration, the old women taking a prominent part in the genealogical discussion which occurred; for, owing to the diminution of the tribe, it was necessary to trace out " group-relations," as there were not enotugh " own relations ",to supply the required number of Bullawangs to each boy. I heard the old Gweraeil Rukut ask two of the boys which part their " mother's father " belonged to; and it was by this knowledge of the locality and of the individual that the particular Bullawang was allotted. (Howitt, 1885:307)

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