John Connolly

Johnny Connolly - Gartchuka of the Mukjarawaint. (I'll fix this up later)

Born to an Irish Digger 'John Connolly' and a Mukjarawaint woman 'Yirani Gartchuka-gurk'.

John Connolly was Howitt's primary (and only) Mukjarawaint informant, his is also the only person to have given information pertaining to Bunjils Cave prior to it's 'discovery' by Europeans.

In a case not dissimilar to Irrinyili (Mick Mclean) analysis of Arrente songs recorded by Strehlow (Gibson), Connolly provided analysis of Edward Stone Parker's DjaDja wurrung material for Howiit.

Connolly worked as a Stock-man and traveled to Wellington, Adelaide, Hamilton and Guichen Bay.

John Connolly had a cross cousin named George, George is a Wurant. (I'm not sure what happened to George)

John Connolly died at Rama-yuck and is buried in the Rama-yuck Cemetery.

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