Tommy Doughboy

Also known as Jimmy, a Krauatungalang man who worked for the Alexander brothers at Genoa River. According to Phillip Pepper, the Alexander brothers were 'investigated for shooting' Aboriginal people. Doughboy was involved in the incident with Bolgan (Hopping Kitty), where she was taken from her family. Bolgan was rescued and Doughboy was speared in the process. This incident was reported in both Robert Brough Smyth's work, Aborigines of Victoria (pp. 479-483) and in Howitt's 1904 book (pp. 352-353).
See: Phillip Pepper in collaboration with Tess De Araugo, The Kurnai of Gippsland: What Did Happen to the Aborigines of Victoria?, vol. 1, Hyland House Publishing Pty Ltd, South Yarra, 1985, p. 147.

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