Lucy Daniel. Name of run: Umeralla. Estimated area: eight thousand acres. Estimated grazing capa bilities: three hundred cattle, one thousand six hundred sheep. Fronted towards the east by the Umeralla creek, which separates it from John White's run; on the back by the fall from the Bush station hills which separates it from the runs of L. Harnett, Esq. ; northerly divided by J. J. Moore's run, between and which the only definite boundary is a tree in the middle of the Umeralla flat, part of which belongs to this run, and the other part by J. J. Moore's run; southerly by the Gingalee creek, which separates it from Mr. P. Clifford's run, running about four miles along the Umeralla creek, and three miles backward
from Sydney Morning Herald Friday 6 October 1848

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