Lissarrague (2006) treats Geawegal as a term referring to people. She describes the 'Language from the Hunter River & Lake Macquarie' (no name given to this language) as the language which was spoken by people known as Awabakal S66, Kuringgai S62, Wonnarua S63, and possibly Geawegal (E1). In her later work with Wafer (Wafer and Lissarrague 2008:165-166), however, Kayawaykal (Geawegal) is treated as a dialect name (or a dialect name as well as a people name), a dialect of the Hunter River-Lake Macquarie language. They report that the only available linguistic data on Kawawaykal (Geawegal) is the six morphemes in Fison and Howitt (1880).
AIATSIS code: E1
AIATSIS reference name: Geawegal

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