Draft letter Howitt to G H Harris 16 September 1907

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G H Harris Cermeragunga

(1) How many aborigines, male + female
are there at the station? Permanently stating [fullblood + half caste- crossed out]
(2) To what tribes do they belong?
and how many of each tribe?
(3) Are they the whole surviving remnants of tribes?
or are there others of the respective tribe
who do not live at the Station but elsewhere?
(4) [can you - crossed out] If there are some outside what is
their number?
(5) Do they still follow the old marriage rules
of their respective tribes, or are [there - crossed out]
[rules dis - crossed out] marraiges made according to our

same to Brungle

Bruce Ferguson, Walhalla - Liverpool plains
Explain (1) Mr Beardmore has [sent me a - crossed out] sketch shewing they
[can you firm a what tribes are represented - crossed out]
[at your station?- crossed out]
[(2) Are the aborigines in at your station the - crossed out]
[sole Survivors of the tri respective tribe they represent? - crossed out]
(3) What [are- crossed out] is the total number of [numbers of the resepctive- crossed out] of aborigines in each tribe
[including - crossed out] inclusive of those at the Station
or [and - crossed out] living outside of it.

I am especially interested in knowing
how many of the Kamilaroi tribes of the
Gwyder River are now living? Can you
give this information, or can you suggest how
I can obtain it?

[written in left side margin]
sent complete
see under - [??]
for letter from
Mr Beardmore



(1) explain that

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Document Details

Date 16-Sep-07
Letter From Howitt, Mr Alfred William
Letter To Harris, G H
Country Australia
Colony/State Victoria
Holding Institution Museums Victoria
Collection Name Alfred W. Howitt Collection
Registration Number XM 190
Medium Letter
Locality Metung
Summary Letter contains a list of questions relating to population numbers living on Aboriginal stations and an unfinished draft of a letter to G.H. Harris of Cummeragunga. Also seems be a draft letter with questions intended for Bruce Ferguson, Walhallow, Liverpool Plains. Margin notes indicate that letters were sent 16/9/1907.
Physical Description Draft of letter and notes. Two sheets, three pages. Letter consists of one sheet; recycled diary page and notes consist of one page. Condition: good.