May Benson to Howitt 1 September 1906

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Transcription - Page 1

I am very sorry I was unable to send in
the papers before. They are certainly
only a pleasure as I am very
interested [in it- crossed out] and it is lovely to have
you to go to all the trouble you do to
explain things. I have not attempted
the essay as I have been ill and
the Dr has ordered me away for a

I am only going on to the Narran
and will be [away - crossed out] in a good
camp of Darkies and I may possibly
find out the marriage line.

It was very kind of you to send
me Folk Lore it will help me
to understand what I have to drive at.

I have not done anything like
this before so I am afraid I make
awful blunders - still I will do
my best.

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Document Details

Date 1-Sep-06
Letter From Benson, Miss May
Letter To Howitt, Mr Alfred William
Country Australia
Colony/State New South Wales
Holding Institution Museums Victoria
Collection Name Alfred W. Howitt Collection
Registration Number XM 33
Medium Letter
Locality Goodooga
Summary Miss Benson's letter thanks A.W. Howitt for providing information, apologises for not being able to 'send in the papers before', as she had been unwell and makes offer of further help. The attached smaller sheet of notes in Howitt's hand are a transcription (transliteration) of Benson's letter. Both the letter and note are annotated with numeral '3' (circled).
Physical Description Letter and notes, handwritten in ink. Three sheets includes a two page letter, and one smaller page of notes (in a different hand) adhered to first page of letter. Fair condition with some creasing of corners of letter; folds & tears of top left corner of notes.