Aldridge to Howitt 30 September 1883

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a quiet [....] to his friends that I knew
all about his intentions & was quite
prepared for him would ?? things being pushed further.
Mr E. Palmer whom you men
tion is the same I believe
who was managing his Uncles station
"Eureka" about 60 miles from Mary-
borough. I heard he could talk the language
which is almost the same as down here
the difference being more in the accent
than in the words.

Mr. Barton gave me some questions
that you had sent him. This is 8 or 10
months ago. I said I would answer
them & I did so, he promised to call
but never did & the questions & answers
are mislaid. I don't know where they are

Mrs. [Kehlet?] also writes me en-
closing your letter to her asking for
pretty much the same information
as you want from me.
You have most certain under-
taken a most difficult task for the
languages change every 100 miles & the
accent is very difficult indeed. I have
[... .....] of people make vocabularies
& the next day or even an hour after
writing the word they either could not
pronounce it or did so in a way that
no one could understand it - how ever
I wish you success
Yours truly
Harry. E. Aldridge.

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Document Details

Date 30 Sep 1883
Letter From Aldridge, Harry Edgar
Letter To Howitt, Mr Alfred William
Country Australia
Colony/State Queensland
Holding Institution Museums Victoria
Collection Name Alfred W. Howitt Collection
Registration Number XM 4
Medium Letter
Locality Maryborough
Summary Discusses Maryborough area, Queensland. Acknowledgement of A.W. Howitt letter with promise of further information. H.E. Aldridge has been able to speak the local language for twenty-three years and states to have thorough knowledge of the customs and has been present at ceremonies. There is mention of how customs have changed over the past ten years and the difficulty in recording Aboriginal languages.
Physical Description Letter, handwritten. One sheet, four pages. Good Condition