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This would go far to explain the
probable origin of the word given by Banks,
if the words given by Mr Phillips prove
upon further enquiry to be in fact
original words of the language spoken
at the Endeavour River, and not
perchance of recent [subsequent - crossed out] origin.
[I have- crossed out] For some time been [attempting - crossed out] trying
to carry out this inquiry but [without - crossed out]
[success- crossed out] the want of correspondents
in the [district not only of the Endeavour- crossed out]
[but also to the north, south and inland - crossed out]
I should like now to suggest to Mr Craig
[that the aboriginal that he might - crossed out]
the availability of obtaining further information
[elucidate the matter by obtaining the- crossed out]
[aboriginal equivalents- crossed out] by collecting for comparison the words for the hand,
foot, fingers and toes not only [in the - crossed out] at
Cooks [town district - crossed out], but along the coast
to the north and south and also inland
from Cooktown in order that these names may be compared
in a number of kindred dialects.
I shall be much gratified if

[written in left side margin]
this communication should induce any of your readers
in that part of Queensland to [assist - crossed out] who are wishing to aid my enquiries by [placing themselves- crossed out] in the manner in
I remain dear sir
AWH Finch St East Mal

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Letter From Howitt, Mr Alfred William
Letter To The Editor - The Australian
Country Australia
Holding Institution Museums Victoria
Collection Name Alfred W. Howitt Collection
Registration Number XM 458
Medium Letter
Locality Melbourne
Summary "A.W. Howitt's response to W. Craig's communication in the Australian on the origin of the word ""Kangaroo""."
Physical Description Draft letter, handwritten in ink, undated. Two sheets, two pages. Condition: paper loss (torn) from upper edge.