Typed and handwritten notes about the Kurnai

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Harry Daramungi han [sic] for Thundung a bird called Gliun (the Porp
melanotis). When he was a small boy his father said to him "That is
your Thundung, you will have it when I die". Do not killbit [sic]
Big Charley's Thundung is twofold being both of the Congereels.
The Burra which is the smaller one and the Noy-yang which is the
larger one. He eats both of them.
King Charley is also of these totems and could also eat of them.
Tulaba's Thundug [sic] was the Jira (kangaruu) [sic].
Big Joe's was the Thurung the Tiger snake.
Billy Jumbuck's was the Thurung the tiger snake.
Old Timpthy [sic] (Bunjil barlajan) was ?

When Mr Bulmer was with Billy Jumbuck in the bush, the latter
was walking along side of a tiger snake which was wriggling along
beside of him. Mr Bulmer said "What is that?, Billy replied
"That one belonga me", and was very angry because Mr Bulmer killed

Those cases of natives both men and women, who had tame anija [sic]
show that they were their totema. [sic] For instance Bunjil Bataluk,
who had a tame Iguana, Old Lawson''s wife who had a tame [snake - crossed out]
native cat, of another who had a tame snake, and so on.

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Author Howitt, Alfred William
Country Australia
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Medium Notes
Region Gippsland
Summary A number of the stories and beliefs collected by Reverend Bulmer regarding totems, predominantly from identified members of the Kurnai. References also to other localities in eastern Victoria.
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