Notes on Kurnai Creation stories

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The fishing line called is made by the
women from the inner bark of the "lightwood"
Acacia melanoxylon [from which - crossed out] the fishing nets were
[also- crossed out] made by the women of a sedge called Bun or garn
The woman's bag "batung" was made of a narrow
leaved sedge which is found in the gullies near the
Lakes - it is called Garn or Bun.
The [skin - crossed out] bag carried by the man, slung over
the right shoulder and under the left arm was
made of the skin of the Kangaroo or Wallaby or indeed
from any animal's skin which was large enough. This
bag was called Tar-at.
The woman's digging stick = Kunnin

[written in left side margin]
= Acacia
melan oxylon

Bun = ?

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Author Howitt, Alfred William
Country Australia
Colony/State Victoria
Holding Institution Museums Victoria
Collection Name Alfred W. Howitt Collection
Registration Number XM 526
Medium Notes
Summary Notes documenting a series of Creation stories and legends relating mainly to the Kurnai. Eight in total and includes two sketches amongst the stories; one of a necklace and one of a fish hook. The creation stories include; Toto-wara-wara - great man who took care of Kurnai; Bundawal-wia-wuk and his country; Borun the Pelican and his canoe; the origin of springs or water sources - Bula-Kukun; Narran the moon; Brewin and Tarra-munda whom he swallowed; and how the Kurnai men were turned into the Barn rocks.
Physical Description Notes, handwritten, ink, undated. Eleven sheets, small and lined, eleven pages. Paper is brittle and slightly yellowing with some edge tearing.