Brooke to Howitt 8 September 1884

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In studying the class system of
the blacks one requires to know
a certain ammount [sic] of natural history
as there are so many different
species of birds and beasts
for each of which the blacks
have a different name.
I know of no less than
twenty different kinds of hawk
and believe there are as many more
unknown even to Gould who I
fancy is the best authority on Australian
I remain
dear Sir
Yours faithfully
Jocelyn Brooke

A W Howitt Esq

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Document Details

Date 08 Sep 1884
Letter From Brooke, Mr Jocelyn
Letter To Howitt, Mr Alfred William
Country Australia
Colony/State Queensland
Holding Institution Museums Victoria
Collection Name Alfred W. Howitt Collection
Registration Number XM 65
Medium Letter
Locality Cooktown
Summary Letter presents information on 8 classes relating to Aboriginal groups around Cooktown. Comment made that to understand the class system one needs an understanding of natural history. Representatives from at least 10 different groups in Jocelyn Brooke's camp.
Physical Description Letter, handwritten, ink. Two sheets purple/blue paper. Good condition.