Messages, Old Bob and Dick Richards

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When I gave old Bob the Turndun which had
called the Kurnai together I marked it with
6 notches as the number of "boys" it had made into
men. I carefully wrapped it up so that no one would
see what it was. He said that when he got back to
the Wimmera he should give it to the old "King"
of the Tathara who would shew it to his people. He
would then send it to the old "King" at Condah,
who would shew it to his people; he would then
send it back to Bob who would shew it to
the old "King" at Morton Plains (Dr [??])
These old men would gather their people
together and when that he was done he should
send me news. He said "Black fellow always
do like it this way." He further said
that his people did not knock out teeth like
the Murray Blacks but only tied cord round
the boys arms. But that he and the other old
men know what a Bourbŭng was and would
have up the Murray Blacks to help make
Feb 26/84

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Document Details

Date 26 Feb 1889
Letter From
Letter To
Author Howitt, Alfred William
Country Australia
Holding Institution Museums Victoria
Collection Name Alfred W. Howitt Collection
Registration Number XM 746
Medium Notes
Summary Information provided by two Aboriginal informants identified as Old Bob and Dick Richards. Bob discusses the stick shown to him by A.W. Howitt, and that it was a Turndun with 6 notches to be shown to Kings of various groups including the Wimmera, Tathara, Condah and Morton Plains districts. Dick Richards provided a number of Aboriginal place names and their English equivalents although the writing is difficult to decipher.
Physical Description Notes, handwritten in ink. Single sheet both sides used. Two apparently unrelated paragraphs about half a page each. Diagonal line drawn through the passage on reverse. Condition: good.