Letter from John Bulmer 10 October 1878

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got. I dare say wombat meat
would be considered the best in
fact Muk jeak.
The term Muk is a very measuring one.
It is something very decided. I should
say it is very really great and
decidedly so. I think Nga would
be equal to "I heartily agree
with you”, or decidedly yes. Muk
then would be my very or real
name as a man was not
called by his name but was
usually referred to as the
father of so and so to the Brother of
so and so +ccc.
With regard to the Birrarark I
have not been able to find
that there was any society among
the Blacks who professed to hold
commerce with spirits. There
was seldom more than one
of that class at at [sic] time among
the Blacks of one part. I dare
say he was generally a knowing

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Document Details

Date 10 Oct 1878
Letter From Bulmer, Reverend John
Letter To Howitt, Alfred William
Country Australia
Holding Institution Museums Victoria
Collection Name Alfred W. Howitt Collection
Registration Number XM 78
Medium Letter
Region Gippsland
Locality Lake Tyers
Summary Letter provides information on groups of the Gippsland District, regarding marriage rules and elopement, medicine, illness, and some language translations.
Physical Description Letter, handwritten, ink. Two sheets, eight pages. Condition: Fair; slight tear on main fold at bottom; centre crease fragile.