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Name, Native Place, Division of Tribe, Wife's division of tribe

William McDougall, Raymond Island, Tatoonkolong, Brabolong
Tuleba, Bruthen, Brabolong, Brabolong
William Thorpe, Bairnsdale, Brabrolong, *Ngrangit
the entrancal Blacks.
Neddy O'Rourke, Lakes Entrance, Ngrangit, Braberry worcut
Tommy Johnson, Snowy River, Kroathun, Yacktoon worcut
Dick Cooper, Tatoonkolong, Tatoonkolong, Lowajerak Buffalo woman
Larry Johnson, Snowy River, Kroatunkoolong, Nrangit
Timothy, Snowy River, Kroathun, Tatoonkolong
Billy the Bull, Lakes Entrance, Ngrangit, Yacktoon worcut
Jackey Jackey, Lake Tyers, Warrnangatty, Yacktoon worcut
Billy Jumbuck, Lake Tyers, Warnangatty, Kroatoon
Yelmi, Lakes Entrance, Ngrangit, Braberry
Dan, Lakes Entrance, Ngrangit, Kroatoon
Kerlip Tom Snowy River, Kroatun, Ngrangit
Big Charley, Snowy River, Kroatun, Yucktoon worcut
Lamby, Bool Bool, Tatoonkolong, Braberry Bruthen (Tara)*
Charley Rivers, Bool Bool, Tatoonkolong, Braberry
Bobby Brown, Bool Bool, Tatoonkolong, Ngrangit Ngrangit (both wives)
Charley Blair, Bruthen, Braberry, Kroathun
King Charley, Snowy River, Kroatun, Lowajerak Brabolong
Ben Jennings, Bool Bool, Tatoonkolong, Warrangatty
Charley Alexander, Snowy River, Kroatunkolong, Lowajerak
Singing Johnny, Maneroo, Brajerak, Lowajerak
Munday, Maneroo, Brajerak, Bidwell
Johnny the plater, Snowy River, Kroatunkolong, Kroatun
Murray Jack, Maneroo, Brajerak, Lowerjerak
Lawson, Scrub black, Bidwell, Bidwell.
Jack Hay, Maneroo, Brajerak, Brabrolong taken by theft
Jimmy Thompson, Maneroo, Brajerak, Braberry
Paddy, Sale, Brajerak, Kroatun worcut
was given - to him
did not marry
Flanner, Bool Bool, Tatoonkolong, Yacktoon worcut
King Tom, Bool Bool, Tatoonkolong, Yacktoon

Ngrangit means belonging to the Entrance
to Lakes. Lamby's second wife Ellen an

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Document Details

Letter From Bulmer, Reverend John
Letter To Howitt, Alfred William
Author Bulmer, Reverend John
Country Australia
Colony/State Victoria
Holding Institution Museums Victoria
Collection Name Alfred W. Howitt Collection
Registration Number XM 98
Medium Notes
Region Gippsland
Summary Appears to be a letter in response to A.W. Howitt's questionnaire, however there is no address, date or cover letter. Signed by Reverend Bulmer. Content relates to customs and organisation of groups from Gippsland. Begins with a translation of 'Charley's Plate'. Includes a listing of 32 local individuals, in a table format. The table includes the following headings: Names, Native Place, Division of Tribe, and Wife's Division of Tribe.
Physical Description Notes and a table, handwritten, undated. One large sheet folded in half with an additional smaller sheet, six pages. Notes are possibly a letter. Fragile condition, insect damage upper edging.