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Tommy Hoddinot

Mŭlla Mŭllung
My fathers name was Dūlŭng-ngŭrrŭng
from a place near Prospect. He was also called
Bunjil Bátalūk (Iguana) from his carrying
a live Iguana about with him. When he travelled
he used to carry it on his head. It was about
this length (he here measured about 4 feet in length)
He kept this Iguana in his camp with him
but my mother and I lived in a camp of our
own closely. He could send this Iguana
in the night into people's camp to hurt them
and when girls ran off (Yenjin) he used
to send his Iguana into the bush to [walk - crossed out]
run before him and to point out where they
were hidden. He told me that he got this
Iguana because he dreamed once that
he was an Iguana himself, so that this Bataluk
and he were like the same person.

He marked his possum rugs by cutting
this dream upon them in this way - as if
on his head. He also marked possums on
his rugs, these were his marks (norrie-brŭk)


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