W.T. Dawson and H.W. Pettit Gippsland place names and vocabulary

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Bona-Berrie - Hellhole Creek, above Tongio
Gillum - Large hill opposite Shady Creek, East side of
Chirot-Ballan - Junction Creek
Tallowudgin - Parts of Tambo where there are no possums
Nung-nung or )Tambo Crossing Place, McDougall's
Noye-yang) conger eel (AWH)
Bongeroot - Fainting Range
Millukmungee - grass coutry on Buchan River
Cragun - Stony Creek
Beerr - Road to Bruthen via Marshall's
Darrdong - Marshall's
Toora - Place on river near Bruthen
Nillung - Creek crossing Swan Reach Road, Bruthen
Narrt- Yarrung - near Bruthen
Pundar-Wadda-da - The Lake Bruthen Morass
Benkalunka - a small morass, near Bruthen
Doolneyarn - a backwater
Bequa - crossing place at Bruthen
Noorun-norrun - place opposite where Buchan Road goes up next
Boeiyou - Kilmorie House
Bruthan- Mungie - Morass at Bruthen
Bruthen - Long wooded point
Tournilli - Peak at end of long-wooded point
Delbadoot - Ridge back of Bruthen Morass
Mullungdung - end of morass west side of Tambo
Bools-Bools-yurn - Creek Mossiface Flat
Quock - point opposite Tambo Bluff
Mietung - Bend in Lake at Tambo Bluff
Quonnumbrun - Neck of land, mouth of Tambo
Nangwungdite - Point below lagoon on lake
Moar - Saltwater Creek

Geremoot - Nicholson River
Turru - Morgan's Place
Deerwun - Morass, mouth of Nicholson
Boolodun - Morass higher up the Nicholson


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